Namaste has over 20 years’ experience in premium Indian human hair, developing a stringent selection process which has resulted in us producing the finest Indian hair.

We specialise in Non-Remy, Remy and Double Drawn hair, providing these products in a kaleidoscope of colours. Our stringent quality assurance process ensures that the hair undergoes a meticulous screening process to ensure that the products meet the Namaste Standard.

Namaste offers a bespoke service to our clients where a dedicated stylist will come out to do a consultation with you. After taking your measurements a one of a kind, personalised wig will be made just for you. The stylist will then come back and perform personal fitting at your convenience.

Namaste believes that through our hair we can help our clients outwardly reflect a part of their inner self, giving You the confidence to be the best version of Yourself!!!

Bold, sophisticated, playful, alive, zesty, sensual or anywhere in between…

with Namaste you can be who you choose to be!!!